July 12, 2020

Immigration Process to Change After New Law In Georgia

“With just one day left to pass an immigration bill, Georgia state legislators will be working right up to the deadline to pass a controversial immigration bill.

Georgia legislators have been trying to pass an amended immigration bill, which includes closer scrutiny of illegal immigrants.

immigration process

Also the bill plans to force the private sector community in Georgia, mostly businesses, to use the E-verify database.

E-verify is the database maintained by the federal government, which contains the list of legal immigrants.

But the business groups in the private sector including the various Agricultural groups are planning to oppose it.

If the bill is passed, then Georgia will have an immigration process very much similar to Arizona, containing all the clauses that are in Arizona immigration law.”

For more information, visit http://www.washingtonpost.com/national/georgia-legislature-has-1-day-left-to-pass-immigration-bill-after-months-of-wrangling/2011/04/13/AFcgXjYD_story.html

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