August 18, 2022

How an Immigration Lawyer Can Help You in the USCIS Immigration Process

If you need to file an application for permanent residency or for naturalization, you may want to hire an immigration lawyer to help. Filling out these applications incorrectly can cost you a lot of time and cause your application to be rejected. This is obviously an especially important consideration when you are trying to bring family members to the country.

Although the USCIS website is available in both English and Spanish, the forms are all in English. If this is not your first language, getting help to understand what is needed is really important. Not only do you need to know what is needed, you need to know the exact specifications for any additional documentation.

Immigration Lawyer

There are a lot of people who try to market themselves as agents or consultants for immigration. Great care needs to be taken before hiring these sorts of people. There have been cases of information being withheld to try to get more money out of the person trying to go through the process of immigration.

This is one reason why it is better to hire a lawyer that is experienced in this area and who is properly licensed and accredited. This way, you know the information you are receiving is correct. Although the initial fee charged may be high, you’re more likely to get the help you really need without having hidden fees charged later.

There are some different qualifications for immigration as well. It is important that you know which category you are most likely to qualify under. This is going to give you the best chances for a successful application.

Lawyers are especially helpful for explaining and changes in immigration policy, as well as what is to be expected given your situation. Although you can read up on the policy on your own, a lawyer can give you a better idea of how that policy actually will affect your case. They can also help to put your application together in such a way that it is most likely to be accepted.

There are many reasons why applications for immigration are rejected. In some cases, it is because the application is not filled out correctly. In other cases, it is because it is not filled out completely. Then there is the associated documentation that must be supplied with the application. For example, photos that are not taken exactly to specification can cause the entire application to be rejected.

Going through the process of applying for immigration for yourself or a family member is really stressful. You want to do whatever you can to make the process go more smoothly and have a better chance of actually getting the permanent residency or naturalization successfully.

Having an immigration lawyer handle the process for you, can give you much greater peace of mind. It’s a much better idea to do everything you can do make your petition successful the first rather than having to reapply and risk having to leave the country or having it be even longer before you’re reunited with your family member.

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