August 18, 2022

Startup Visa Missing From Startup America Program

“Startup America is an initiative from the Obama administration to inspire more Americans to become entrepreneurs.

While other countries are making it easier for people to move to their country through innovative startup visa programs, Obama’s flagship entrepreneurship program doesn’t have a single provision for a startup visa, or such a program.

startup america

While there is a Startup Visa Act being proposed in Congress (see: ), Obama’s Startup America program would be the perfect platform for him to spur this kind of growth in America, instead of letting the UK and other European countries lead the way on this issue.

More information on Startup America:

Startup America will help entrepreneurs to establish their own enterprises with financial and technical help from the government.

The Obama administration believes that entrepreneurs have been the underlying spirit of America that has made it strongest economy of the world, even though this new program doesn’t include any provisions to make the immigration process easier for entrepreneurs and investors who want to more to America..

The program is aimed at letting people know about various sectors and industries where the potential for growth is high and which add value to the economy and society.

Economic growth of the country, creating more jobs and innovating new products and services are the main aims of Startup America program, which focuses in four areas:

1. Increasing access to capital for high-growth startups.

2. Increasing access to high-quality mentors for entrepreneurs.

3. Accelerating the commercialization of federally funded R&D.

4. Improving the regulatory environment for high-growth firms.”

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