May 27, 2022

H-1B Visa and Green Card Rules Clarified by Obama Administration

With the continual uprising of near financial crisis throughout America, the White House has decided to ‘clarify’ some of their green card policies pertaining to foreign business owners and entrepreneurs.

Various politicians have proposed similar bills that would make it easier for start-up business owners to obtain their visa for U.S. Citizenship in recent years, but this is the first of it’s kind to be accepted.

Technically, the White House has stated that it is not changing or altering any of it’s visa regulations, but instead making more clear the laws that are already in place. Hoping to attract more business from abroad, U.S. CTO, Aneesh Chopra announced the clarifications at a jobs forum in Silicon Valley on Tuesday.

Chopra explained how America has already had in place an employment green card that is sponsored by your employer, but the new changes to the H-1B visa will now allow business founders to sponsor themselves and become registered citizens.

An EB-2 green card has already been in existence for many years and is available to business founders who will have to report to a board of directors. Since you are not in absolute control in this situation, it is possible to distinguish the difference between your ownership and employment by the company. Applicants for the EB-2 visa will have to prove their possession of some sort of advanced degree or talent that is “a degree of expertise significantly above that ordinarily encountered in the sciences, arts, or business,”

Additionally, EB-5 green cards provide immigrant business founders with a visa as long as their business has a start-up investment of $500,000 and will create at least ten new jobs for Americans. The first two years of residence under an EB-5 green card will be provisional and must allow for the USCIS to investigate into the jobs you have created.

Although The White House has repeatedly clarified the fact that no laws or policies are actually changed, the entire system will now be much easier to work with. Considering that only about half of the EB-5 visas issued every year are used, it is very apparent that the system does not work as smoothly as planned.

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Special Immigration Help for Civil War and Disaster Victims

“Many countries are ravished by harsh domestic issues and civil war.

Luckily, there are temporary relief measures that are designed for situations such as these, as well as civil unrest and natural disasters that might occur.

If any of these have left you in a situation where you are unable to return home or created sever financial difficulties for you or your family, there are options out there.

There are various solutions available, but the most common is a change or extension of the nonimmagration status for someone who is currently within the united states.

Knowing your options and proper research can make all the difference for disaster victims. The USCIS is designed to help those victims.”

USCIS Various Immigration Forms

USCIS Releases Immigration Form Data

“The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services department (USCIS) has just announced that they have released immigration form data which sheds light on critical information regarding what they agency does. This move to release such sensitive information was brought on by requests set forth by agency stakeholders in a move that will not only improve customer service, but essentially show that the agency remains transparent and has nothing to hide.

Data that will be released on a monthly basis includes:

1. Performance data for Form N-400- Application for Naturalization

2. Performance data for Form I-485- Application to Register Permanent residence or Adjust Status

3. Statistics on Form I-914- Application form T

4. Statistics of Form I-918- Petition for U Nonimmigrant Status

Data that will be released on a quarterly basis includes:

1. The total number of receipts and approvals on all form types

2. Statistics on Form N-400- Application for Naturalization

3. Performance data for Form I-485- Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status;

4. Statistics on Form I-914- Application for T Nonimmigrant Status

5. Statistics on Form I-918- Petition for U Nonimmigrant Status

All of this information will be available on the USCIS website http:///”

USCIS Official Website

USCIS – U. S. Citizenship And Immigration Services

The USCIS is responsible for overseeing all immigration into the United States. There are 250 offices of this U. S. Government agency around the world, with thousands of employees and contractors. The intentions of the office include protecting the U. S. From unlawful immigration, assisting immigrants to become permanent residents or citizens, as well as to promote an understanding of what it means to be a citizen of the United States.

This is the office to contact when people from another country wish to become permanent residents or citizens of the U. S. The first step taken is to review each application to see first that it is eligible under any of the categories available. If it is, the application will then be processed.


Included in this processing is an interview. Although a person may be eligible on paper, personal interviews are conducted to make sure that there are no reasons why they should be denied. For example, there are cases of criminal background, health problems or other security risks that may be grounds for denial.

The office also schedules those who are approved to become citizens for naturalization ceremonies. They also provide documentation of citizenship for those who are eligible because they have acquired or derived it through their parents.

There are a number of ways that individuals may be eligible for permanent resident status. Often, it is due to having relatives who are already citizens or permanent residents. Applicable employment is another avenue for acquiring a green card. In addition, there are programs which are humanitarian in nature to help some individuals become permanent residents.

For U. S. Citizens who wish to adopt children born in other countries, this department manages the first step in that process. It also assists with instruction on the rights and the responsibilities of being a citizen. In addition, information is provided on how newly naturalized immigrants can integrate themselves into the American culture.

The office provides a wide variety of resources for those people wishing to become citizens or permanent residents. Much of the information provided is there to help protect these individuals. There are many unscrupulous people who try to take advantage of those who are anxious to stay in the U. S. And afraid that they will not be able to. The USCIS website is the best place to look for accurate information on what the laws really are and how the process of immigration actually works.

Most if not all questions can be answered by a visit to this website. There are also offices that can be contacted. However, all effort should be made to get necessary information online, if at all possible. The website is available in both English and Spanish languages.

If you should are interested in become a permanent resident or citizen of the U. S., you will need the services of the USCIS. It’s wise, therefore, to review all the many resources that are available on the Internet. The information provided is extremely thorough and will likely answer questions that you didn’t even realize you should be asking.

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